D-17 Margalla View Housing Scheme Islamabad: (A Developed & Growing Housing Society)

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The sector D-17 (MVHS) is a housing project of M/s Twin City Housing (Pvt) Ltd

It is adjacent to the D-18 Engineers Housing Scheme. The D17 Margallah Housing Scheme lies in  Zone 2 of Islamabad. The Sandamar Dam is adjacent to this housing project, and Margalla Hills is nearby. 

A growing housing society named Jammu and Kashmir Housing Society G15 Islamabad and F-18 Faisal Town Islamabad are also nearby.


D17 is around 24 KM away from Zero Point Islamabad. Its location is ideal for residences near Islamabad.

It will be accessible from Margalla Road because of this sector F-10 will reduce 14 KM (20 min Drive)

Margallah View is about 12 KM from the New Islamabad International Airport, making it an attraction point and reasonable for overseas Pakistanis.

Further, the construction of houses is in progress in this scheme as it has all the basic facilities.

Margallah View D 17 is a liveable and developed area. With that, you can construct a house in this housing society as over 500 houses are built in this scheme. A large No of families is more construction is going on.

Google Map

Here is the Google map to guide you to the D-17 direction. 

NOC (Does Margalla View have LOP approved?)

A question most often asked is: Does D17 Margalla Housing have NOC? and 

Is the D-17 sector’s LOP CDA approved?

The answer to this question is:

The NOC was approved on 14-06-2002 and CDA approved the LOP of D-17 on 31-12-2020 vide letter No. CDA/PLW-HS (90)/2010-A/Vol-IV/04. It has 2018 Kanals of land as well as it has 1118 residential plots planned.

The rest of the area was reserved for parks, schools, mosques and commercials.


The MVHS has provided all the basic facilities like water, sewerage, gas and electricity. It is worth living at an affordable cost.

Margalla View scheme is the first housing scheme in Islamabad/Rawalpindi to install Highly energy-efficient LED Street lights.

Further, it has imported a state-of-the-art water filtration plant from the Netherlands to provide pure filtered water.


A question pops up in your mind: What kind of Schooling in the D17 Margalla Housing Scheme is available? It is a legitimate requirement for every family who has school-going children. Here are some of the famous schools in sector D17.

Here are the famous schools operating in the Margalla Housing scheme:

Margalla Learners School

Margalla Learners School, D17 Campus, Islamabad is on the market with the slogan “Every day is a new day to learn.”.

The contact No of D-17 Campus Islamabad is Contact No.0300 5125411.

Allied School

Allied School, D-17 campus is a famous school with many branches in Islamabad.

The contact No of the D17 campus in Islamabad is 0333 5020124.

Dar e Arqam School

Dar-e-Arqam School is giving their services with the vision “The vision of Dar-e-Arqam Schools is excellence in this world and the world hereafter.”.

The contact No of Dar e Arqam School D17 Campus is 0335 5157770.

The Educators

The Educators Margalla, Campus D-17 is a well-known school. D-17 Campus Islamabad Contact No. is 0340 5411855.

Villas & Apartment Projects in MVHS

Earlier, a renowned builder named Red Sun Associates developed and delivered. The Decent Homes and Tulip Apartments built some apartments in the Margalla View Housing Scheme.

d-17 margalla view housing pine villas 1

Also, the Pine Villas Project is a low-cost housing solution comprising single and double-unit houses under construction.

d-17 margalla view housing society Pine Villas 2


In summation, D-17 Margalla View is an established housing scheme. Some famous brands delivered successful villa projects in this scheme such as RedSun and Tanveer Associates.

I recommend you invest and build a dream in this popular Housing Society.

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