How to Get a Gold Jewellery Valuation Certificate for Visa [Hassle-Free & Fast in 2024]

Jewellery Valuation Certificate for Visa in Pakistan (In 3-Easy steps)

Want a gold valuation certificate for a visa?

This simple step-by-step guide walks you through how to get a gold valuation certificate for a visa or immigration in 2024.

In this guide, you’ll explore:

What is it?

A Jewellery Valuation certificate is based on current market conditions and a value judgement of a piece of jewellery (Gold) by an approved Evaluator within a country. The gold valuation certificate is the result of an inspection done by a professional representative of the company.

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Why do you require it?

Have you applied for a student visa to any country around the globe for further studies?

If the answer to this question is “YES”, then your visa consultant might ask you to produce one.

Apart from all other documents, such as proof of acceptance and identity, you also need to produce proof of financial support.

When we apply for a visa, we often do not have enough funds in our bank accounts. It is when your jewellery comes into play.

You can obtain a certificate of jewellery valuation for Canada and provide proof that you have liquid cash. Are you wondering where you can obtain such an invaluable certificate within a short period in Pakistan?

Do not worry; we offer you an on-time certificate to utilize the certificate when you need liquid cash. 

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For Canada Permanent Residence

If you are planning to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident and are bringing your jewellery with you. You must show them that you purchased or owned those jewellery pieces while in Pakistan.

For this, you will require a Jewellery Valuation for Canadian immigration. 

The valuation certificate contains all the details of the jewellery, including pictures. Now you might wonder how to get a valuation certificate for jewellery.

Do not worry, we will value your items as per the amount of gold in the carats.

We will also make a valuation certificate containing all the details of your items. 


A question may arise in your mind:

Why do I require a valuation of the jewellery (gold or any precious metal)?


it is to show financial soundness in your home country.

A gold valuation helps an individual/sponsor organization or a group of people who travel to other countries for settlement/study purposes to get approval for a visa.

Having jewellery made of Gold, silver, platinum etc in your possession or your sponsor’s name indicates your financial soundness. As a result, the country you are planning to move to gives you a visa for entering the country.

In Fact: One thing to always keep in mind is that a valuation report should always be prepared with a purpose/intent. So the purpose of the valuation report here is to apply for a visa.



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How it look like?

A valuation report for the Jewellery entails the owner and applicant’s information, the condition, quality, and quantity etc.

Here is it look like :

Personal information:

  • Owner’s Name and Other Particulars
  • Applicant’s Name
  • CNIC
  • Passport No. (Provided the valuation report is to be submitted to the embassy for Visa),
  • Address

Jewellery Description (What type of jewellery are they?)

A valuation certificate typically includes the following information:

  • Type of Jewellery
  • Metal type and weight
  • Stone description and weight
  • Length of chains, bracelets, or strands

Documents Required

Here’s the list of documents required for the purpose.

  • CNIC Copy (Applicant) – Both Front and Back.
  • Jewellery Ownership Documents (Invoice(s) in the name of who possesses jewellery in original)
  • Passport Copy (1st Page)

How to get it

Below is the step-by-step process to the gold certificate of valuation for Visa easier than ever…


Step #1: Apply & Pay

The first step is to arrange the receipt of gold and send them scanned copies.

First, you decide on a valuation fee with the approved/Registered valuer.

As you have finalized the valuation charges, pay them accordingly enabling them to start working on your task assigned.


Step #2: Inspection

The second step in the valuation process is:

The valuer company’s concerned professional might visit the premises to see your jewellery to get and confirm all relevant information and take some pictures of your jewellery for the valuation report.


Step #3: Get Your Report

In the final step, the company senior supervisor has the report ready to deliver. The report conclusion is in the respective country’s currency to which an applicant wants to get a visa/immigration.

Finally, the jewellery gold Valuation report is ready and delivered.

Book Gold Valuation Now

Below is the form to book gold valuation now:

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    As a result, they issue you a detailed valuation Certificate/Report for a visa, Student Visa, immigration, Business Visa, or Permanent Settlement.

    In fact: A non-registered goldsmith dealer/Consultant is not authorized to issue a jewellery valuation report.

    Follow the 3-step process to save time to get it ready and attach it along with other documents when you apply for a visa.

    It strengthens your visa case chances are you would get a student visa/f1 visa/Business Visa, Schengen visa (EU Visa) to countries like Canada, the UK (United Kingdom), the USA (The United States of America), Europe etc.

    Contact ICONS Valuation Services for any query regarding all types of valuation covers: Property Valuation Reports, Car Valuation Certificate for Visa, Jewellery Valuation certificates, Machinery and Factory Valuation, Back-date Valuation for Capital Gain Tax, Valuation for IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Valuation for honourable Court Cases both local and International and Valuation for Audit purposes.

    FAQs (Gold Valuation Certificate for Visa)

    Does Jewellery Valuation Report issued by valuer need to get attested/notarized?

    Not all.

    In Fact: It is a legit document so it does not require attestation or get it notarized.

    That said: A scanned copy of the valuation report can be used.

    Just make sure when you receive it. It is properly stamped and signed.

    How long does a Jewellery valuation take?

    Generally, it takes about 1 business day to receive your report.

    Still, they’ll usually give you a rough estimate by the end of your valuation process.

    Is gold valuation for visa free?

    No, it’s a paid service.

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