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Saria Rates Today

Today, July 17, 2024: Saria costs Rs. 298 kg for grade 40 and Rs. 300/kg for grade 60, stable for the past month.

GradePer Kg Price (PKR)
40-gradeRs. 298
60-gradeRs. 300
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Grade 60 & 40 Steel Price Today

Here is the steel today prices for various steel companies per kg and per metric ton:

40 Grade Rate
40 Grade Rate
(PKR/Metric Ton)
60 Grade Rate
60 Grade Rate
(PKR/Metric Ton)
3 Sutar / 10mm258 per kg258,000260 per KG260,000
4 Sutar / 12mm256 per kg256,000256 per KG256,000
5 Sutar / 16mm256 per kg256,000258 per KG258,000
6 Sutar / 20mm256 per kg256,000258 per KG258,000
7 Sutar / 22mm256 per kg256,000258 per KG258,000
8 Sutar / 25mm258 per kg258,000260 per KG260,000
Today’s Steel Iron Rod Rates

Five Star Steel Iron Rod Prices

Size (Sutar/mm)40 Grade Rate
(Per KG)
40 Grade Rate
(Per Metric Ton)
60 Grade Rate
(Per KG)
60 Grade Rate
(Per Metric Ton)
3 Sutar / 10 mmRS. 258RS. 258,000RS. 260RS. 260,000
4 Sutar / 12 mmRS. 256RS. 256,000RS. 256RS. 256,000
5 Sutar / 16 mmRS. 256RS. 256,000RS. 258RS. 258,000
6 Sutar / 20 mmRS. 256RS. 256,000RS. 258RS. 258,000
7 Sutar / 22 mmRS. 256RS. 256,000RS. 258RS. 258,000
8 Sutar / 25 mmRS. 258RS. 258,000RS. 260RS. 260,000


  • Sutar is a traditional unit of measurement used in some regions, equivalent to millimetres (mm).
  • Prices are in Pak Rupees (Rs.) per kilogram (KG) and per metric ton.
  • 40 Grade” and “60 Grade” refer to the strength categories of the steel rods.

Top Branded Steel Prices in Pakistan Today

Below is the current price of branded steel:

Brand Name40 Grade Rate
40 Grade Rate
(PKR/Metric Ton)
60 Grade Rate
60 Grade Rate
(PKR/Metric Ton)
Amreli Steels258 per kg258,000260 per kg260,000
Mughal Steel259 per kg259,000261 per kg261,000
Agha Steel260 per kg260,000262 per kg262,000
AF Steel259 per kg259,000261 per kg261,000
Moiz Steel255 per kg255,000257 per kg257,000
Union Steel255 per kg255,000257 per kg257,000
Naveena Steel254 per kg254,000256 per kg256,000
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Citywise Prices

Here are the local steel (Saria) prices in Pakistan of 40 grade and 60 grade per kg and metric ton city-wise:

City Wise Local Steel40 Grade Rate (PKR/kg)40 Grade Rate (PKR/Metric Ton)60 Grade Rate (PKR/kg)60 Grade Rate (PKR/Metric Ton)
Karachi236 per kg236,000240 per kg240,000
Lahore234 per kg234,000232 per kg232,000
Islamabad245 per kg245,000248 per kg248,000
Faisalabad235 per kg235,000237 per kg237,000
Peshawar233 per kg233,000235 per kg235,000
Gujranwala234 per kg234,000236 per kg236,000
Quetta246 per kg246,000248 per kg248,000
Multan244 per kg244,000246 per kg246,000
Discover Local Steel Prices by City

Top Steel Manufacturers & Mills in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts several prominent steel manufacturing mills across Pakistan. They are contributing to the nation’s industrial landscape. Here are some noteworthy establishments:

  1. Pakistan Steel Mills: One of the largest industrial complexes in Pakistan. It is in Karachi, producing high-quality steel products.
  2. Aisha Steel: A leading steel manufacturing company based in Karachi. It is for its advanced production processes and quality standards.
  3. Amreli Steels: Renowned for its innovative approaches to steel production. Amreli Steel operates in Karachi and is a key player in the industry.
  4. F.F. Steels: Serving the steel needs from its base in Lahore. F.F. Steel’s commitment is to excellence in manufacturing and customer service.
  5. Mughal Steel: With a strong presence in the market, Mughal Steel. It’s headquartered in Lahore. Famous for its diverse range of steel products.
  6. Safa Steel: Safa Steel is in Islamabad. Popular for its modern facilities and commitment to sustainability in steel production.
  7. Agha Steel: Agha Steel is operating in Karachi. Famous for its state-of-the-art technology and adherence to international quality standards.
  8. Ittefaq Steel: Ittefaq Steel is a prominent name in the steel industry in Lahore. It offers reliable products and services.
  9. Ittehad Steel: Another leading steel manufacturer is based in Lahore. Ittehad Steel is synonymous with quality and innovation.
  10. A.F. Steel: A.F. Steel is in Karachi. Committed to the diverse steel requirements of its clients with precision and efficiency.
  11. Chenab Steel: Chenab Steel is based in Faisalabad. Commit to delivering high-quality steel products to its customers nationwide.
  12. Maqsood Steel: Maqsood Steel is operating from Lahore. It is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.
  13. Amaan Steels: Amaan Steels situated in Karachi. It focuses on delivering superior steel solutions to meet the market’s needs.

These companies play a pivotal role in shaping Pakistan’s steel industry contributing to its economic growth and infrastructure development.

Saria Rate Trends

The steel industry recently announced a significant rise in steel rebar prices. So, it is due to a 25% increase in power tariffs and the devaluation of the Pakistani rupee.
It means steel rebar prices could shoot by Rs 15,000 to Rs 18,000 per ton. According to the Pakistan Association of Large Steel Producers, the steel industry relies on power as a raw material, costs will surge.
Consumers will feel the impact of this price hike from the date it takes effect.
Unfortunately, the struggling steel industry can’t absorb such a massive cost increase. Power ranks second in cost after raw materials/scrap in steel production.

Furthermore, recent fluctuations in the US dollar to Pakistani rupee exchange rate have made importing raw materials Rs. 7,000 more expensive per ton, and the exchange rate remains unstable.
As the Pakistani rupee depreciates, imports become expensive, adding more pressure to the steel industry.


Which Saria is the best for construction in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Grade 40 and Grade 60 are the two main iron bars used in construction. With that said, grade 40 is used for walls, while Grade 60 prefers lintels.

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