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Topcity-1 Islamabad Map

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Top City-1 has finally received approval of its revised master plan (map) from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). In spite of the fact that the revised plan has been available on the market for quite some time, it required approval from RDA. This is because it can be used precisely for reference purposes.

This revised master plan encompasses a total of 9081 kanals of land and includes three redesigned sectors G, I, and J. Some blocks have been reshuffled, and redesigned, while some have expanded to include more plots.

Topcity Map: (Link to Download in PDF)

Here is the link to download top city map pdf :

In a hurry, Download Topcity-1 Map as a PDF (Acrobat Reader) [Free]. Tired of scrolling, Download a PDF version for easier offline use and sharing with others. Click here to Download Topcity-1 Map HD Quality

A Master Plan is a detailed layout plan (map) of a housing scheme/project/society which shows the total area of land used:

  • How much space is reserved for residential/commercial plots?
  • How much area of land is to be used for parks, mosques, roads, playgrounds, community centres etc?
  • What it looks like after development works as a whole?

Land Use Distribution in Topcity

Top City-1 has received the approval of its revised master plan (aka layout plan or map) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

The revised master plan of top city-1 is over an area of 9081 Kanal of land.

The land use distribution in the revised plan is as under:

1.Residential4287.47 Kanal
2.Commercial443.40  Kanal
3.Green Spaces620.76  Kanal
4.Grave Yard177.36  Kanal
5.Public Building384.91 Kanal
7.Commercialized Area (High Rise Buildings)      152Kanal
 8.Grave Yard61 Kanal
Area reserved.

Here’s the No of plots of different sizes in top city-1 listed as under:

Plot SizeNo of plots
100×18051 plots
75×120170 plots
50×902419 plots
35×652805 plots
25×501039 plots
Residential Apartments46 plots
No of Plots size-wise

Here’s the No of plots planned and distributed in each block as listed:

BlockNo of Plots
Block A839 plots
Block B763 plots
Block C838 plots
Block D1453 plots
Block E545 plots
Block F653 plots
Block G840 plots
Block H51 plots
Block I288 plots
Block J214 plots
Block-wise Plots

Top City-1 has launched new bookings of residential plots, commercial plots, and high-rise tower plots right after the approval of its revised map.

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