RDA Approved Housing Schemes (+For the best ROI 2024)

Do you want to have a list of RDA Approved Housing schemes in 2024?

The crux of the matter of investment is knowing which scheme is approved before investing.

Here is the deal. If you want to have the list of approved housing societies (updated 2024) you will love this post.

Have you ever thought of some of the best housing societies inside Rawalpindi and Islamabad? and want to know how to verify a housing society/project authenticity?

Moreover, several housing societies near the twin cities may attract you as one of the best real estate investments.

The Land Regulatory Authorities have official portals.

Similarly, RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) for verifying the RDA Approved Housing Societies.

How does a Development Authority grant approval for housing societies/projects?

Here is the list of step-by-step processes to make a housing project/housing society functional and legit requires approval in this order:

  1. Preliminary Planning Permission under Rule 7(2) (e ) of Punjab Private Housing Scheme & Land Sub-Division Rules 2010
  2. Town Planning Under Rule 16(3)(C ) of Punjab Private Housing Scheme and Land Sub-Division Rules 2010
  3. Area reserved for roads, open spaces, parks and graveyards, solid waste management
  4. 1% of the Scheme area for a public building, excluding space reserved for mosques.
  5. Mortgage Deed in favour of Rawalpindi Development Authority
  6. A Performance bond and bank guarantee.
  • (NOC) Sanction Letter
  • Approval of LOP

Here is the list of approved housing societies/projects by RDA which are safe for investment and future development.

List of RDA Approved Housing Schemes 2024

Here is the list of approved housing schemes for you to choose a better option available on the market:

Scheme’s NameLocationTotal Land (Kanals)
Airport Green Garden (Revised & Extension)Bajnial4083.6
Al-Haram, RawalpindiKolian Par, Chakri Road330.92
University Town
BajnialTown planning approved over 3454 kanal (transfer & mortgage deed is under process)
Bahria Town Phase-VIIIMouza Gali11545
Gulshan-e-sehat Health Cooperative Housing SocietyPaswal, Wanni
Capital Smart CityChahanApproved over an area measuring 7376 Kanal (Ext on 17602 Kanal is under process)
Marble Arch EnclaveMouza Jattal & Pind DaduFinal NOC issued over 1278.5 Kanals
Faisal Hills TaxilaPind Gondal, Dhoke Syedo, Mohra ShahwaliFinal NOC issued over an area of measuring 11823 Kanals
Faisal Hills-IIBan Bhola, Thatta Khalil, Jalala & Bhalot Tehsil TaxilaTown planning approved over 7300 Kanal, Transfer & mortgage deed is under process
Faisal Town (Rev & Extension)Chahan4735.90
Gandhara CityPind Nasrala772.06
Khudadad CityPind Nasrala1350.45
Silver City RawalpindiGhariba, Jattal & RanialFinal NOC issued over an area of 241.14 Kanal
Pakistan Govt. EmployeesJonial, Rawat road330.92
PIA Officers Cooperative Housing SocietyAdyala1212
Qartaba CityKolian Hameed7148
Safari ValleyKali, Adyala Road4313
Safari ValleyMouza Gali6181.08
Taj Residencia RawalpindiKaak224
Taj Residencia (Extension)Sheikhpur1907
Top CityBijnial, Pind9681
Kingdom Valley (Phata Approved)Choora103
Mumtaz CityPind Nasrala Gharbal3328.79

How to check the status of RDA-approved housing schemes (Societies) by the Rawalpindi Development Authority:

To check the RDA-approved housing societies 2024, go to the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) Website at https://rda.gop.pk/

How to know the status of NOC

  1. Select “Approved Housing Schemes” from the menu tab.
  2. On clicking Approved Housing Schemes, you land on page https://rda.gop.pk/housing-societies-2/ showing “Know Status of Housing Society.”
  3. You can also search for the name of the housing society or project inside the “Search Bar.”
  4. The filter options are available: Name Scheme, Location, Current Status, and Map.
  5. For multiple pages, you can move forward and back by clicking on the Next or Back Button shown at the end of the same page. You can also select number-wise at your convenience.

Importance of an Approved Housing Project (Society)

I recommend you review the official published list of RDA-approved societies in 2024 before booking or buying a plot.

Before buying or booking a plot/villa, it is important to ask about the housing project you have planned to invest in.

Buy or book a plot or villa from those housing schemes that already have an NOC from Authorities.
Moreover, if a housing society or housing scheme is in the process of obtaining an NOC or does not have an NOC from the concerned authorities, it should not be considered.

If you plan to invest in a housing society, it is crucial to ensure the housing project you have planned to invest in has an approved and legal NOC issued by the local authority.

How to invest in an approved housing society in Rawalpindi [2024]

To make a real estate investment, I highly recommend the following steps to consider:

  • Visit the housing project site
  • Review all the relevant documents,
  • look at the ownership history of the property,
  • Inspect the legal NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the housing society.

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