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Property VALUATION Certificate in Pakistan (PVC)/Property Valuation Report
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Want to get a Professional Property Valuation Certificate in Pakistan at reasonable cost?

We produce high-quality Property Valuation Report/Property Valuation Certificate for Visa (aka Valuation Certificate of Property) to our clients of any kind/size of property, machinery, factory/Mills, vehicles (Automobiles) Car Valuation Certificate anywhere in Pakistan: applying for United State of America ( USA/US ), United Kingdom (UK), Canada Visit Visa (or Canada Student Visa), Australia Student Visa /Business VISA/Visitor Visa/immigration showing as proof of financial support/assets; to firms/companies/organizations for audit purposes ; applying for bank loans, Insurance and mortgage; applying for DISTRIBUTION settlementsto honorable local and foreign courts (UK, USA, Australia, Canada etc) for business/settlements.

Asset/Property/Vehicle Valuation (evaluation) Report/certificate services available in cities Islamabad (Capital Territory), Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Jhelum, Lahore Multan (Punjab), Peshawar, Swabi, Nowshera, Abbottabad, Mansehra, (KPK), Haiderabad, Karachi, Larkana, Sukhar (Sindh), Quetta (Baluchistan), Gilgat and Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K).
Note:Valuation report services is rendered for other cities of Pakistan on payment of extra charges.
✅ Residential Property (Plot, House, Villas)
✅ Commercial Buildings (Flats, Apartments, Warehouses)
✅ Plant, Machinery & Equipment
✅ Vehicles
✅ Factories/Mills
✅ Land (Agricultural/Raw)

Licenses and Registrations

1. PBA (Pakistan Banks Association)
2. PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council)
3. NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan

Documents Required for Property Valuation Certificate in Pakistan

Please note that the following documents are to be required for Property Valuation Certificate/Report in Pakistan:

1. Title Ownership Document (Allotment Letter, Transfer Letter) Or Fard/Inteqal/Registry in case of Land
Note: For House Valuation Certificate, construction drawing of house is required if you have.
2. Owner CNIC Copy

How does it work?

Follow the steps below to get an accurate valuation Report of your Asset/Property

Step 1

Choose a Service
Choose the one that best suits your requirements

Step 2

Share details of property
Experts will assess its value based on location, condition & other factors.

Step 3

Get valuation report
Get the final valuation report from the team of valuers.

What Customer Says

Service Charges

For Plots / Land Property worth up to 10 million

Rs. 8,000

For Plots / Land Property worth up to 10 million

For Constructed / building Property worth up to 10 million

Rs. 10,000

For Constructed/building Property worth up to 10 million

For Plots / Land Property worth up to 20 million

Rs. 12,000

For Plots / Land Property worth up to 20 million


For Constructed / buildings Property worth up to 20 million

Rs. 15,000

For Constructed / building Property worth up to 20 million

Property Valuation Details

Please fill in the details to start the valuation process

    We do not share any information of our clients

    » Our Asset/Property Valuation Report meets the requirements of Valuations international Standards and embassies format whether it be: for Business/Student visa process; for honorable local and international courts (United Kingdom UK, Canada, United State of America USA/US , Australia) for business/divorce settlements; applying for Bank loans; for companies/firms/organizations to audit/tax returns/settlements.

    » Asset/Property Valuation Report/certificate is based on specialized knowledge, comparable sales and local market knowledge.

    » Fair Market Value based on differentiated Values of land, Construction, Composite rate per Sq. ft. (In case of Flat), and Amenities.

    » Delivered by our trusted partners specializing in professional property valuation registered with PBA and Pakistan Engineering Council etc.

    You asked, we answered.

    Question about Property Valuation

    How to get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan

    Need to get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan?

    In order to get a property valuation certificate in Pakistan, you need to contact a approved evaluator.

    Follow 3 steps process to get a valuation of your property.

    Here’s the step-by-step process:

    Step No.1 : (Submit your documents and Pay Valuation Fee)

    The few questions a property valuer might ask you:

    Which city of Paksitan your property is in?

    What type of your property is: (Residencial Plot, Land, House, Flat, Shop, Commercial Plot).


    Step No.2 : (Visit to Property by a Professional Surveyor)

    Valuation Company’s surveyor visit your property to collect relevant information and takes images.


    Step No.3 : (Report is ready)

    In this final process, Property valuation report is ready on the basis of visit done to property and provided documents.

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    What is the process of Property Valuation Report/Certificate (PVC)?
    Which documents are required for property valuation report/certificate (PVC)?