How to Get a Property Valuation Certificate for Visa? (A Step-by-Step Free Guide 2024)

Get a Property Valuation Certificate for Visa in Pakistan (In 3-Easy Steps)

Want a property valuation report for a visa, hassle-free and fast?

(Get real estate valuation online. Even if you are unable to visit the valuer’s office in Pakistan.)

This simple new step-by-step guide walks you through how to get the property valuation certificate for visa (aka Property Valuation for Visa ) or immigration in 2024.

In this in-depth guide, you’ll discover:

So, Suppose you are applying for a student visa, spouse visa, immigration, work visa, visitor visa, and F1 visa. In that case, the PVC helps you if you’re applying to the embassy for Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, the USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia visa etc.

(In other words: it’s super easy.)

The best part is, the 3-steps process applicants follow to get a valuation of Property.

So without further ado,

Let’s get started…

What is a Property Valuation Certificate for a visa?

A property valuation certificate for a visa is a legit document that assesses a property’s market value, required for visa applications. It helps applicants show assets often required by certain countries as part of the visa application process.

On top of that it is prepared based on specialized knowledge, comparable sales and local market knowledge.

Fair Market Value revolves around the differentiated value of land, Construction, Composite rate per sq. ft (In the case of Flat), and Amenities.

Above all, a property valuation certificate (aka Property Valuation Report or Evaluation Report) is a document stating the applicant’s details, ownership details, and property detailed information produced by an approved Evaluator within a country after a visit by a surveyor/engineer of the company.

Benefits of Property Valuation Report for Visa

A question may arise in your mind:

Why do you need a valuation of the residential property such as a house, agricultural land, plot or commercial property i.e. building valuation?


Having real estate in your name or your sponsor’s name indicates your financial stability in your home country. Hence, the country to which you have planned to move gives you a visa.

Plus, a PVC helps an individual, sponsor organization or a group of people who travel to other countries for settlement, study purposes, or work permit (visa immigration valuation) a visa purpose.

A property valuation report is ready with a purpose/intent. For example, the purpose of the valuation report here is “For Visa“.



Property Valuation Services

  • Get hassle-free, Fast, Affordable, Authentic Property Valuation Services
  • National wide Services
  • Experts-ready International standard valuation Report helps you in getting an Immigration, Student/Business Visa
  • Get instantly settled Family and Property Distribution disputes in Local and Foreign Courts

Who issues property valuation Certificate for visa in Pakistan?

The registered valuer (approved by concerned Govt. authorities of the respective country) is an experienced certified evaluator who conducts the physical inspection of the property based on the findings and prepares the final Property Valuation certificate.

In Pakistan, a valuer can issue valuations that are approved by several organizations such as PBA, SBP, FBR, NBFI & Modaraba Association of Pakistan, and PEC.

PBA’s main objective is to provide a common platform to banks and financial institutions (DFIs) regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan.

How to Find Property Valuation in Pakistan?

Here is the step-by-step process to find the property valuation of your asset in Pakistan for a property tax to pay:

  1. Visit the website of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue)
  2. With that, click on the icon as you can see below, You will find this link on the Home page of FBR.
  3. Choose ‘Rates of Valuation of Immovable Properties in the Following Cities Are’ from the side menu.
  4. Locate the section with rates of valuation for various cities.
  5. Select your region/city/district as per the location of the property.
  6. Download the PDF file for detailed rates of residential and commercial property valuation in Pakistan.

What is a CA valuation certificate?

A valuation certificate is used to prove the market value of a property of the applicant in his/her home country. It has a bank balance. It is used as collateral for the educational loan from the Bank to cover the applicant’s expenses.

How long does a registered valuation take?

For residential properties, an approved valuer is to complete the report within 1-2 working days from the inspection date.

Commercial valuations usually take longer to complete. It depends on the scale and complexity of the property.

Read: [How to get a CA Report for visa in Pakistan]

What Does the Property Valuation Certificate Format Look Like?

The format of the certificate of property valuation for visa immigration valuation (aka Property valuation for visa) entails the property, owner, and applicant’s information, the condition, construction quality, layout, composition, fixtures, repairs, age of the property, design etc.

Here is the property valuation certificate format for Visa immigration Pakistan has detailed information breakup a property value certificate encompasses:

Applicant’s information:

  • Name
  • CNIC No.
  • Passport No. (Provided the valuation report is to be submitted to the embassy for a Visa),
  • Present and Permanent Addresses

Property Details: (House/Building Valuation)

  • Location of Property
  • Age of property
  • Condition
  • Construction Quality
  • What is on every four sides of the property?
  • Access approaches the property.

Valuations Analysis Details:

  • Size of the land and building,
  • Construction Cost (if the property is a house or any constructed)
  • Final Market value
  • Physical details on the construction and condition.

Book Your Property Valuation Now

Below, is the property valuation booking form to process now.

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    Documents Required for Obtaining a Property Valuation Certificate for Visa Purposes

    To get a Property Valuation Certificate in Pakistan for visa purposes, refrain from submitting original confidential documents. Instead, submit photocopies, as the consultant guides you. The necessary documents are as follows:

    • CNIC Copy (Owner of Property/Asset and Applicant) – Front and Back.
    • Property Ownership Documents (Allotment or Allocation Letter. (Registry/Fard/Inteqal in case of Land, Leasehold Lease agreement usually in Karachi city)
    • Passport Pic (1st Page)
    • Construction Drawing Approved (if you have any)

    Sidenote: For leasehold properties, the Lease Agreement considers the ownership usually in Karachi city)

    Here’s the step-by-step process to get a Property Valuation Certificate for Visa easier than ever…


    Step No.1: (Submit Required Documents and Pay the Fee)

    The first step is to collect the required personal & property documents.  And arrange the original docs either pictures or scan them.

    With that, you are to decide on a valuation fee for valuation services with the registered valuer.

    Pay the fee as you have decided. Why? Because the valuer starts working on your valuation assigned (Plot valuation, Land valuation, house valuation, building valuation, factory valuation etc.).


    Step No.2: Property Inspection/Visit by Valuer’s Surveyor

    The second step in the valuation process is:

    The valuer company’s surveyor might visit your property to get and confirm all relevant information and take some pictures of your property for the valuation report of the house, land, plot etc.


    Step No.3: Report is ready (and Ready to Deliver)

    In the final step, the valuer has the report ready to deliver as per the valuation intent.

    The report’s conclusion section is in the currency of the country to which an applicant wants a visa/immigration.

    Lastly, the Property Valuation report is ready.

    Pro Tip: I recommend you ask the valuer to share you scanned copy of the final draft of the valuation before it gets duly signed and stamped.

    Final Thoughts:

    In a nutshell,

    A valuation certificate of property is a legal document a professional valuer issues in Pakistan according to purpose. It would be issued for several purposes, such as for visa, property inheritance/family distribution/probate valuation, dispute, and tax etc.

    To get a property valuation certificate for a visa in Pakistan is to be submitted to the embassy to show off financial soundness in your home country. Contact Property Valuation Experts. For he goes through a process of valuation.

    As a result, professional valuation services issue you a detailed Property Valuation Certificate/Report for a spouse visa, Student Visa, immigration, Business Visa, Permanent Settlement, and work visa which plays a pivotal role in obtaining a visa.

    Here is the best part of what you must be aware of:

    Property assessment made by a property dealer/Real Estate Consultant is not acceptable to embassies or other Govt. organizations. Gone are the days when their assessment of property did work.

    In fact: A property valuer certificate is a legitimate document showing your financial worth within your home country.

    Follow the 3-step process to save time to get it ready and attach it along with other documents when applying for a visa.

    It strengthens your visa case Chances are you would get a student visa/f1 visa/Business Visa, Schengen visa (EU Visa) to countries like Canada (Canadavisa), the UK (United Kingdom), the USA (The United States of America), Europe etc.

    For visa valuation services, contact ICONS Valuation Services (Visa Immigration Valuation Services), Pakistan’s best premium evaluation service provider for any query regarding all types of valuation covering: Property Valuation Reports, the Vehicle Valuation Certificate for Visas, gold Jewellery valuation certificate for visa immigration, Machinery and Factory Valuation, Back-date Valuation for Capital Gain Tax, Valuation for IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Insurance Valuation, Valuation for court cases both local and International and Valuation for Audit purposes.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    How long does a property valuation for visa last?

    The simple answer to this question is: “Almost 1 year

    That said, a more accurate answer depends on the state of the market.

    Does Property Valuation Report issued by a valuer needs to get attested/notarized?

    Not at all.

    In Fact: PVC is a legit document so it does not require any attestation or notarising.

    That’s why: A scanned copy of the valuation report can be used.

    Just make sure when you receive it. It is properly stamped and signed.

    Why do I need a property valuation and use a property Appraisal from a real estate agent/agency instead?

    In the past, embassies accepted an Appraisal report issued by a real estate agent.

    Now, Property valuation reports issued by registered valuers are acceptable to embassies or courts of law across the world.

    What is property valuation Certificate?

    A property valuation certificate is a legitimate document that shows application information, and property details such as location, condition, size, property type, construction, built-in, and certain other factors.

    What is the purpose of a property valuation report?

    An intent is behind every property valuation. The intent is for a visa, Tax, mortgage, sale, family property distribution, audit, or a visa. The valuation report will look at the condition and location of your house to provide an estimated value.

    How long does a property valuation take?

    You will get a valuation report in 1 to 2 business working days.

    How to find property valuation for other areas of Pakistan?

    You need to visit the following websites for further information.






    Who is a valuation surveyor?

    A valuation surveyor, licensed and certified, conducts property valuation surveys. They provide expert insights on property conditions, management, and development. Plus, the valuation surveyors are also known as residential or commercial surveyors.

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