How to Get Property Valuation Certificate for Visa in Pakistan? (Step-by-Step Now)

Get Property Valuation Certificate for Visa in 3 Easy steps

In this comprehensive new step-by-step guide on how to get property valuation certificate (aka certificate of property valuation) for visa or for immigration in 2022.  

The best part of it all?

Property Valuation Certificate (aka Property Valuation Report) is to show your financial strength within your home country. Everyone who applies for Student Visa, Visit Visa, F1 Visa, Settlement to countries like (Canada, Australia, United Kingdom UK, United State of America USA, For IRS (Internal Revenue Service), For CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) etc) helps in getting visa to other countries.

(In other words: it’s super easy.)

In Fact: Valuation of Property is a fast, affordable, and hassle free 3 steps process to get it.

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What is Property Valuation Certificate?

Asset/Property Valuation certificate/Report is based on specialized knowledge, comparable sales and local market knowledge. Fair Market Value based on differentiated Values of land, Construction, Composite rate per Sq. ft. (In case of Flat), and Amenities.

A property valuation certificate (aka Property Valuation Report or Evaluation Report) is a legal documents stating the property, owner, and other detailed information produced by an approved Evaluator within a country as a result of visit done by a surveyor/engineer of the company.

Benefits of Property Valuation Report for Visa

A question may arises in your mind:

Why do I need a valuation of property (house/Agricultural land/plot)?


To show financial soundness in home country

Property Valuation Certificate (PVC) helps an individual/sponsor organization or a group of people who travel other countries either for settlement or for study purposes in getting approval for a visa.

Because having a real estate indicates financial soundness and as a result the country you are planning to move gives entry to their country.

Why do I need a property valuation and use property Appraisal from real estate agent/agency instead?

Gone are the days when embassies accept an Appraisal report by a real estate agent.

Now it has been internationally recognized and anonymously decided that only a valuation report by approved valuers be accepted.

In Fact: one thing always keep in mind that a property valuation report is made for a purpose/intent. So the purpose for report here is for Visa.



Property Valuation Services

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  • National wide Services
  • Experts-ready International standard valuation Report helps you in getting Immigration, Student/Business Visa
  • Get instantly settled Family and Property Distribution disputes in Local and Foreign Courts

What does a property valuation report have?

A certificate of property valuation for visa (valuation report for property) entails: property, owner, and applicant’s information, the condition, construction quality, layout, composition, fixtures, repairs, age of the property, and design etc.

Here are detailed information breakup a property value certificate encompasses:

Personal information:

  • Owner’s Name and other Particulars,
  • Applicant’s Name
  • CNIC
  • Passport No. (if report to be submitted to embassy for Visa),
  • Address

Property Details:

  • Location of Property;
  • Age of property;
  • Condition;
  • Construction Quality;
  • What is on each four sides of property?
  • Access approaches to property.

Valuations Analysis Details:

  • Size of the land and building,
  • Construction Cost (if property is house or any constructed)
  • Final Market value
  • Physical details on the construction and condition.

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    Which documents an approved valuer required for an asset/property valuation certificate?

    Here’ is the list of documents a property evaluators demands: so you will provide the necessary documents:

    1. CNIC Copy (Both Owner of Property/Asset and Applicant)
    2. Property Ownership Documents (Allotment/Allocation Letter/Registry/Fard/Intikal etc)
    3. Passport Copy (1st Page)

    Here’s the Step-by-step process to get Property Valuation Certificate for Visa easier than ever…


    Step No.1: (Submit Documents and Pay the Fee)

    Start off with the first step to arrange required documents and send them scanned copy.

    In the first place, you are to decide on valuation fee with the approved/Registered valuer.

    As you have finalized the valuation charges, pay them accordingly enabling them to start working on your task assigned (Land valuation, Valuation of house etc).


    Step No.2: Property Inspection/Visit by Valuer’s Surveyor

    The second step on the valuation process is: Valuer company’s surveyor might have a visit to your property and get all relevant information and have some pictures for valuation report.


    Step No.3: Report is ready (and Ready to Deliver)

    In the final step, the company senior supervisor have the report ready to deliver. Report conclusion part is in that respective country currency to which an applicant want to move.

    Finally, Property Valuation report is ready and delivered.


    To get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan you would be required to contact Property Valuation Experts who would help you assess your property and issue you a detailed Property Vaulation Certificate/Report.

    In fact:

    A property dealer/Real Estate Consultant is not allowed to issue this kind of report.

    Property Valuation certificate is a legit documents showing your financial worth within your home country.

    Follow the 3 steps process to save you time to get it and attach it alongwith other documents when applying for visa.

    It strengthens your visa case and chances are you would get student visa/f1 visa/Business Visa, Schengen visa (EU Visa) to countries like Canada UK (United Kingdom), USA (United State of America), Europe etc.

    Contact ICONS Valuation Services for any query regarding all types of valuation covering: Property Valuations Report, Vehicle Valuations, Machinery and Factory Valuation, Back-date Valuation for Capital Gain Tax, Valuation for IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Valuation for honourable Court Cases both local and International and Valuation for Audit purposes.


    How long does a property valuation last?

    In other words: After how much time a property valuation report get expired?

    The simple answer to this question is:

    How long this validity lasts will depend on the state of the market.

    In a strongly inflationary market where prices are rising by large percentages over short time periods, the value calculated today could have changed in as short a period as one or two months and no longer be valid.

    It is essential therefore to establish when a valuation was or is to be carried out, as it is a statement of value at that date only.

    Does Property Valuation Report issued by valuer need to get attested/notarized?

    Not all all.

    In Fact: It is legit document so does not require any attestation or get it notarized.

    That said: Scanned copy of valuation report can be used.

    Just makes sure when you receive it. It is properly stamped and have signed.

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