Rs.2,500/ per sft

1.Cement (grey) : bestway,askari,pakcem,fauji etc
2.Cement (white) : maple leaf
3.Green sand coarse : chenab, lawrencepur
5.Crush :margalla
6.Mild steel : ItehadSteel etc.
7.Bricks : well burnt bricks 1st class 10000/1000
8.Floor Marble/Tile : Super White/ Parlino A grade (150 SFT) or Tile 2×2 (Rs 1800)
9.Bath tiles : upto rs.1800/sq.M
10.Kitchen tiles :upto 1800/sq.M
11. Face Tile : Upto 1800/sq.m
12.Marble counter tops in kitchen : polished marble slabs (Granite/Fancy)
13.Door frames : Solid Frame
14.Wooden doors shutters and beadings : Diyar Doors
15. Kitchen & dress cabinets: Diyar frame/ UV/ Acrylic.
16. Tv Lounge Display: Ground floor First floor separate TV Display of L UV/Acrylic
17. Bathroom accessories and saintary fittings: CP set Sonex/Master upto (Rs 25000/-)
English Seat Porta ( Rs 20000/-) Marble Vanities
18. Falls Ceiling: Wall to Wall With Complete SMD Lights
19.Locks for internal doors : up to rs.2000
20.Locks for main door : up to rs.5000
21.Cable : Pakistani Cable
22.Lights : Chandeliers in Drawing Rooms TV lounges ( Rs 35000 Each) Led Tube Light With Fancy Light( Double in a room)
23. Switches: Philips/Clipsal
24.Exhaust fan: 8″ dia, metallic for kitchen and 6″ dia plastic for bathrooms (Lahore/Royal)
25. Fans: Lahore Fans
26.Pvc pipes and fittings for electrification: Imported Quality
27.Paint and polish: ICI
28. Aluminum with glass: 1.8mm thick aluminum windows sliding with 5mm thick colored glass & rear side windows made of mild steel pipe 18 gauge.
29. Stair railing: Stainless Steel 4 Bars
30. Main Gate: 16 gauge With Stainless Steel Bars
31. Home Appliances/ Accessories: 2 geyser 35 liter Singer Deluxe, 2 Stoves (3 burner) Imported Steel, Security Cams, Razor wire, Auto Switch For Motors, Main Gate Intercom

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