Osaka Battery Price in Pakistan (15-07-2024)

Want to know the Osaka battery price in Pakistan?

In this post, you will get pricing of all variants of Osaka Batteries to help you in your next purchase.

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Today’s Osaka Battery Price List

Here is the list of the Osaka batteries prices in Pakistan today:

Make and ModelCapacityToday’s Rate (PKR)
Osaka 12GEN-MR45 Generator25 Ah9,400
Osaka 12GEN-MR35 Generator Battery20 Ah9,400
Osaka CR65L+40 Ah12,600
Osaka IPS 1200-D120 Ah35,000
Osaka IPS 1300-D130 Ah38,000
Osaka IPS 1600-D160 Ah41,500
Osaka IPS 2000-D170 Ah45,300
Osaka MF-100L80 Ah20,000
Osaka MF110R90 Ah22,500
Osaka T125-S Platinum Plus100 Ah23,600
Osaka P175-S Platinum Plus120 Ah32,000
Osaka P210-S Platinum Plus155 Ah39,500
Osaka P250-S Platinum Plus180 Ah45,000
Osaka P290-Z Platinum Plus215 Ah55,000
Osaka V110ZL+85 Ah22,300

Note: The prices are subject to change. Please verify the prices before buying.

Get Reliable Power

Osaka batteries provide consistent performance, making them a popular choice in Pakistan. Osaka is the go-to brand for all your battery needs as it is affordable.

(Please note: Prices and features listed on this blog are for informational purposes only. We strive to provide the most current information. Please verify with the relevant battery manufacturers or authorized dealers.)

What is a C-rate?

C-rates control how fast a battery charges and discharges. A 1C rating means a battery’s capacity is measured at a standard rate. A 1Ah battery can provide 1A of power for 1 hour. If it discharges at 0.5C, it can provide 500mA for 2 hours. If it discharges at 2C, it can deliver 2A for 30 minutes.

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