Nova City Islamabad Rates: (Offering Pocket-Friendly Payment Plan)

The Definitive Area Guide [2022]

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Nova City is in the developing phase, so their offering consist of residential plots at an lower rates.

At the moment, Nova City is selling 5, 8,10, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots on easy/affordable installments price plan.

Installments payment of residential plot has to be paid in 40 months time.

Booking can be confirmed on 10% of the total amount that must be paid within 45 days of initial payment.

The payment schedule of Nova City Islamabad is given below:

Nova City Islamabad

5 Marla Plot Price

  • Total Price = 2,475,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 495,500 PKR
  • 8 Half Yearly Installments = 67,563 PKR
  • Monthly installments (40) = 19,900 PKR
  • On Possession = 643,500 PKR

8 Marla Plot Price

  • Total Price = 3,670,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 734,000 PKR
  • 8 Half Year Installments = 112,333 PKR
  • Monthly installments (40) = 28,000 PKR
  • On Possession = 917,500 PKR

10 Marla Plot Price

  • Total Price = 4,450,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 890,000 PKR
  • 8 Half Yearly Installments = 105,938 PKR
  • Monthly installments (40) = 40,000 PKR
  • On Possession = 1,112,500 PKR

14 Marla Plot Price

  • Total Price = 6,125,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 1,225,000 PKR
  • 8 Half Year Installments = 196,094 PKR
  • Monthly installments (40) = 45,000 PKR
  • On Possession = 1,531,250 PKR

1 Kanal Plot Price

  • Total Price = 8,800,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 1,760,000 PKR
  • 8 Half Year Installments = 230,000 PKR
  • Monthly installments (40) = 75,000 PKR
  • On Possession = 2,200,000 PKR


  • These prices are for non-category plots.
  • For category plots like park facing, corner, or main Boulevard 10% additional charges will apply.
  • These are prices for pre-launch phases and may change after formal launch of the society.
  • Confirmation payment has to be done within 45 days of initiation, otherwise the purchase stands cancelled.
  • 10% on full payment.
  • 5% on half payment.
Nova City (Payment Plan) New Price List

Here’s Nova City residential pre-launch payment plan (installment Plan).

Nova City offers a competitive, customer-friendly, and is low rate payment schedule is as below:

Nova city Pre-Launch Payment Schedule ( Old Price List)

A 5 Marla plots total price is Rs.1,995,000/ with a down payment of Rs. 199,500/, confirmation price is also Rs.199,500. 40 monthly installments are also available with Rs.19,500, 8 half-yearly installments of Rs.45,000 and Rs.456,000 to be paid on possession of the plot.

A 10 Marla plots total price is Rs.3,750,000/ with a down payment of Rs. 375,000/, confirmation price is also Rs.375,000. 40 monthly installments are also available with Rs.36,000, 8 half-yearly installments of Rs.99,000 and Rs.768,000 to be paid on possession of a plot.

A 1 Kanal plots total price is Rs.7,250,000/ with a down payment of Rs. 725,000/, confirmation price is also Rs.725,000. 40 monthly installments are also available with Rs.68,000. 8 half-yearly installments of Rs.185,000 and Rs.1,600,000 to be paid on possession of a plot.

The 2 Kanal plots price is Rs.14,200,000/ with a down payment of Rs. 1,420,000/, confirmation price is also Rs. 1,420,000. 40 monthly installments are also available with Rs.130,000, 8 half-yearly installments of Rs.350,000 and Rs.3,360,000 to be paid on possession of a plot.



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Terms & Conditions for booking a plot

Following are the terms and conditions for buying a plot:

  • The above-mentioned prices are for non-category plots. 10% extra charges would be paid on category plots.
  • This limited time-offer prices are pre-launch prices and liable to be amended after launch and development.
  • The price is subject to be changed without any notice.
  • The mentioned prices are inclusive of development charges.
  • Pay Order in favour of “Nova City Developers”.
  • 10% confirmation charges to be paid within 45 days.

Important Notice

Following are the important points regarding booking and payment:

  • In case of failure in confirmation within 45 days then the automatic cancellation of the property will take place. In this case, only 75% amount will be refunded in six months.
  • 10% discount on full payment and 5% discount on 5% payment of the property.
  • The plot prices of Nova city are exclusive of any government charges, taxes, or duties.

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Conclusion: (Final Thoughts)

In a nutshell,

at the outset, Nova City Islamabad performed very well in terms of per-launched booking.


back in January 2022, it went down due to some conspiracies being circulated in the market.

Now, NOVA City developers has been performing very well and they have launched a new project in the name of NOVA City Peshawar.

In fact: Many investors have invested in both NOVA city’s residential and commercial plots.

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I conclude that in days to come Nova City will give the best ROI so contact ICONS (Investment Consultants) to buy or sell a residential/commercial plot.

I hope you found this new area guide on NOVA City Islamabad rates helpful.

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