An Ultimate Area Guide to Kashmir Model Town Rawalpindi: (All You Need to Know)

A Definitive Area Guide Kashmir Model Town Rawalpindi

Do you want to know more about Kashmir Model Town?

This is the ultimate new Area Guide, you will learn all about Kashmir Model Town (KMT) – a Housing project developed and owned by Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society (JKCHS) on Main Chakri Road, Rawalpindi right next to Al Haram City housing scheme.

Let’s dive right in.


Overview of Kashmir Model Town Rawalpindi

Kashmir Model Town (aka KMT Society or Kashmir Town/Kashmir Housing Society Chakri Road) – is the first Housing project launched by Jammu and Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society Ltd (JKCHS) in 1980. 

Total Area: (How Much Area Does Kashmir Model Town Rawalpindi Have?)

A common query I often receive is:

What is the total area of Kashmir Model Town (KMT)?

KMT is spread over an area of 3700 kanals of land in compact shape.

How many blocks or phases are in KMT?

It consists of three phases. Phase-I and Phase-II were developed but phase-III was undeveloped.



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Contact No of JKCHS

A question I most often get is:

What is the contact No of the Jammu Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society?

The contact number of JKCHS is 051-2304701 (society number)

Development Works Status

The development works in Kashmir Model Town Chakri Road Rawalpindi were carried out in 1990 in Phase I and II. Since then no further development seen.

Phase III should have developed to date and the work done in Phase-I and II as time went on and the non-construction of houses by the allottees, the development work has been dilapidated.

That said, ongoing Management has started the repair and rehabilitation works in Kashmir Model Town in Phase-I and II.

In addition, utility services like electricity are available in phases I and II. 

In addition, some security staff was also put there to make the model town a safe place to live.

A question people get asked?

Is a willing allottee able to build a house in KMT now?

Our short answer to this question is always ‘Yes’.


a 10-Marla MODEL HOUSE already built in KMT to attract the attention of those allottees of KMT who intend to build a house).

However, most allottees of this project belong to either far-flung areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir or are not willing to build a house immediately due to some utilities not being present in KMT Rawalpindi.

Possession Status

Possessions of the plot are given to the allottees. Security arrangements have been made.

With that, a model house has been constructed in the Scheme to attract the members to construct their homes.


Kashmir Model Town is located on Main Chakri Road in Rawalpindi right next to Al-Haram City (a popular housing project). It is about 19 KM away from GPO, Islamabad.

MAP: (Click to Download in PDF)

Here is the Kashmir Model Town Chakri Road Rawalpindi map in PDF, click to download it for your use on Android or any other device:

In a hurry, Download a PDF version for easier offline use and sharing with others. Click the below button to get the Kashmir Model Town Map in PDF (Acrobat Reader)

LOP (Layout Plan) And NOC Status

The Layout Plan was approved, and NOC was obtained by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

What is nearby?

Importance of Kashmir Model Town (KMT) from major locations nearby:

  • Near to Motorway M1, Chakri Interchange.
  • Islamabad International Airport (21.4 KM)
  • Al Haram City Rawalpindi is a developed housing scheme found nearby, which is just 5 minute’s drive away from Kashmir Model Town

Residential Plot Sizes In KMT

Here are the utilities available in the KMT project:

  • Electricity
  • Sewerage
  • Water


Here are the amenities available in the KMT scheme:

  • Parks
  • Security
  • Mosque
  • Commercials
  • Schools

 Residential Plot Sizes In KMT

Serial No.Residential Plot Size
1.25’X50′ (5 Marla)
2.30’X60′ (8 Marla)
3.35’X70′ (10 Marla)
4.40’X80′ (12 Marla)
5.50’X90′ (1 Kanal)
6.60’X90′ (1 Kanal)
Sizes of plots in KMT

Kashmir Model Town: (Latest News)

The management of JKCHS announced for escalation of development charges for the KMT scheme.

Escalation Charges Imposed

Recently, the ongoing management of the society has decided to start dilapidated development works in the KMT.

The allottees demand that expedite the development works in the society.

Why? Because the allottees can get possessions of their plots.

With that, the managing committee (MC) imposed escalation development charges.

For the Residential plot, the escalation charge imposed was Rs.1200 per sq. yds and for the commercial plot was Rs.2200 per sq yds.

With that said, allottees are to pay the escalation charges in 6 equal instalments. It starts on 10 June 2020 and ends on 10 September 2021.


Above all,

The Kashmir Model Town housing scheme is the first housing project launched by the Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Society (JKCHS Society). With that, Khayaban e Kashmir was launched.

KMT consists of 3 phases namely (Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3).

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has decided to start work on the project after the ban on construction.

Hence, as the prices in this housing project are low as compared to vicinity so buying for making a dream home as well as investing for the best return-on-investment (ROI) is recommended.

Jammu & Kashmir Society give a 10% discount to allottees who paid escalation in total.

Contact ICONS (Investment Consultants) for any query regarding the sale/purchase of plots in Kashmir Model Town.

To learn more about real estate investment opportunities in all major cities in Pakistan, stay connected to the ICONS blogthe best property blog in Pakistan.

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      For Residential properties it comes to Rs.1200 per sq. yds and Rs.2200 per sq. yds is for commercial properties.

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