How Much Does It Cost To Get A Property Valuation Certificate in Pakistan?

The cost of a Property valuation certificate varies in price as it depends on the property type, size, and intent of the report.

Although property valuation tends to range around Rs. 8,000 to Rs.25,000 in high-density areas (such as capital cities) they can stretch out to over 40K in extremely rural areas.


Prices of valuation will also vary depending on how much detail is required.

Valuations required for litigation or lawsuits will likely need to be in more detail than a valuation to provide to a potential lender. The more detailed the report the more cost is involved.

Different companies do their property valuation differently.

In some areas, valuations can be done simply using data that is available online, so it is not very labour-intensive.

In other cases, a drive-by of the property is sufficient for the assessment (valuation) to be done and in other cases, a property inspection needs to be completed before an accurate valuation can be given.