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Zedem International Faisal Town Map

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Faisal Town is an approved Housing project by RDA located near Fateh Jang M1 Interchange. It is next to Gulshan e Sehat (HECHS) – E-16 Housing Society.

Further, Faisal Town (F-18) lies in Moza Chauhan, Barkat, Pind Nasralla & Noughazi.

It is one of the best housing schemes in Islamabad. The developer of this project is Zedem International. Choudhary Abdul Majeed is the chairman of this group.

Faisal Town Housing Scheme has three (3) blocks namely: Block A, Block B and Block C.

Here’s the approved map of Faisal Town Islamabad of all blocks including:

In addition, Block A, Block B, and Block C are in PDF format (and high quality). You can download it for your use to see the plot location and other features and amenities in this housing society.



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This map contains all blocks of Faisal Town: Block A Map, Block B Map and Block C Map.

Below is the approved Layout Plan of Faisal Town Rawalpindi map. Faisal Town is an RDA-approved housing society.

The final NOC of Faisal Town approved over an area measuring 4735.90 Kanals of land.


Download Faisal Town Islamabad MAP (PDF)

Below, is the link to get the approved layout plan (map):

In a hurry? Save Faisal Town Map Download [FREE] as a PDF.

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The Faisal Town housing project has modern-day facilities. Map of all blocks includes Block A, Block B, and Block C.

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