Engineers Cooperative Housing Society – ECHS D-18 Islamabad: Area Guide for 2024

ECHS D-18 Islamabad Area Guide

Do you want to know more about the ECHS D18 Islamabad?

In this in-depth area guide you need to know all about d18 Islamabad is next to the D-17 Margalla View Housing scheme, including prices of residential plots, houses and more…

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Overview of ECHS D-18 Islamabad

Engineers Cooperative Housing Society Ltd (ECHS) D-18 Islamabad (aka Engineers Cooperative Housing Society or Engineers Community) had registered with Circle Registrar Cooperative Societies Department, ICT Islamabad vide registration No. 132 dated 21-03-1983.

It is a developed housing society surrounded by Margalla Hills next to the Gulshan-e-Sehat E-18.

With that, Engineering Cooperative Housing consists of 90% Engineer members from all over the country who have engineering degrees in any faculty and 10% Non-Engineer Members.

They include the serving/retired officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces and the families of Shohada.

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ECHS D-18 Islamabad Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

  • The median sale price for a 1-kanal plot has risen by 775% since 2012, reaching Rs.10,500,000 (One crore and Fifty Lacs) now.
  • The average sale price for a 1-kanal house is 4.5 crore to 7.5 crore in 2024.

Location of D-18 ECHS Islamabad

AWT Sangjani Paswal Interchange leads to ECHS D-18

What is the total area in ECHS?

The d-18 ECHS planned in an area measuring 5297 Kanals 13 Marlas.

Plot Allotment Procedure of ECHS Islamabad: (Total Members?)

A common question people prospects often ask is how many members the ECHS Islamabad have.

It has a total of 2300 members who allotted residential and commercial plots during Ballot No. I, II, III and IV at various occasions through open balloting held under the arrangement of the Managing Committee from time to time which a representative of Circle Registrar, ICT, Islamabad also attended.

The allotment procedure for plots in engineering co-operative housing Islamabad is they allot residential plots or commercial plots through the ballot.

For the Corner plot and main Road plot members have to pay extra charges of 10% in addition to the normal residential plot price.

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Layout Plan of ECHS Islamabad

Engineers Cooperative Housing Society (ECHS) D-18 Islamabad map

At the outset, the Engineering Co-operative Housing had issued NOC by Zilla Nazim, Rawalpindi in 2002. Plus, the Zila Council Rawalpindi approved the Layout Plan in 2003.

Afterwards, the CDA (Capital Development Authority) approved the Layout Plan (LOP) of Engineering Cooperative Housing in 2005.

ECHS Islamabad As Investment Hot Spot

Engineers Cooperative Housing Society is one of the best-located housing projects.

The management of ECHS (D-18) Islamabad is trying to utilize its best efforts to create a world-class lifestyle for the residents.

ECHS is now on its way to a milestone to make Islamabad more green and peaceful. They are building community centres, commercial malls, shopping centres, schools, and parks and creating more to preserve the nature of Islamabad and the views of Margalla hills.

ECHS situated on G.T. Road surrounded by great Margalla Hills connecting to the Motorway through Paswal Interchange. ECHS (D-18 Islamabad) is near the new International Islamabad Airport.

It is now in a focus for people who want to live in smart housing project equipped with modern facilities and also for best option who want to invest.

Price Range in ECHS Islamabad

A question most people ask: what are the prices in ECHS Islamabad?

The average price range of a kanal plot was between 12 Lacs to 18 Lacs in 2012. Now, it is over 1 Crore rupees. Why the 858.33% increase happen? It is because of management’s interest in development works and facilities.


A branded state-of-the-art school named Roots Millennium School Regents Park Campus is operating in ECHS D 18, Islamabad.

Roots Millennium School ECHS Branch

Water Filtration Plant

A Water Filtration Plant is near Jamia Masjid at a cost of about one million to provide pure drinking water to the residents of the scheme/society.

Water Filtration Plant

Markazi Jamia Masjid ECHS

A beautiful Markazi Jamia Masjid is in ECHS (D-18).

Markazi Jamia Mosque D-18

Main Office Of ECHS Islamabad (D-18)

The Main office of ECHS is in the Main Markaz of Society. It is set up to facilitate the Engineers community (residents) and visitors to the scheme for all their queries and services.

Horticulture & Development of Parks

The management of sector D18 is trying to provide peaceful and ideal living environments to the members of Society.

To make the Engineering Co-operative housing a green and worthwhile living place, the management is paying special attention towards extensive tree plantation.

For this purpose, approximately 5000 new trees were planted in the Engineering co-operative Housing and proper arrangements to look after the plants have been set out.

Further, ECHS Islamabad has two Parks for Sectors A, K, and Sector H whereas playing and amusement facilities are also available. A Hill Park developed in Sector G.

Playgrounds for Roots Millennium School, ECHS Campus in Sector H completed.

And, two more playgrounds in Sector G & C are under-development.


In summation, the D-18 sector is an outstanding housing project if we see it from a development perspective.

The other reason is its prime location and the facilities it offers to its residents.

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