Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir: (All you need to know 2024)

The Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir

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Primer to Citi Housing Kharian

Citi Housing Khariyan offers a second mega housing project in Kharian City Sarai Alamgir, providing housing for Gujrat and Jhelum. 

It is renowned for its elegantly constructed homes and other state-of-the-art features and comforts offered to its residents. 

CHK aspires to build a bridge between communities and residents in New Kharian Sarai Alamgir.

It provides you with first-rate infrastructure and a thoroughly contemporary way of living.

This housing scheme offers the highest level of security to its residents by taking all safety measures into account.

The detailed project information, including its location, features, amenities, kinds of housing, and payment schedule, as well as other factors that might help you determine whether or not it would be a suitable place for you to live, is provided below:

CHK got (Permission Planning 1st) PP1 approval from TMA Sarai Alamgir, Kharian of 3500 Kanal.



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The first thing that comes to mind while exploring a new place to live is location. 

The location of a scheme through which one can reach different parts of the city, the entrance, and everything. 

This housing scheme has been planned to ease the residents of Kharian Sarai Alamgir District Gujrat. 

The main G.T. Road Sarai Alamgir in New Kharian, one of Punjab’s favourite wide highways, is where CHK is.

All locations, as well as residential and business centres, are nearby and connected. 

Builders and investors may want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a home in this neighbourhood. This is for their use or as a safe investment that will generate a guaranteed return.

Google Map

Here’s the Google map to see the location of this housing project:


Location matters in real estate. Below are the accessibility points:

  • It takes 0 minutes to get to G.T. Road.
  • It takes 0 minutes to reach Grand City Kharian.
  • Drive time to Buraq City is 0 minutes
  • Drive time to Kharian City is 15 minutes.
  • It takes 4 minutes to go to New Metro City Kharian.
  • It takes 22 minutes to go to Jhelum City.
  • It takes an hour to go to Mirpur City AJ&K.
  • The trip to Gujrat City takes 50 minutes.
  • It takes 0 minutes to travel the planned Sialkot-Rawalpindi Motorway.

Citi Housing Developers

Mr. Malik Major Amir, the son-in-law of Mr. Malik Riaz, is the owner of this housing project (Chairman Bahria Town).

Due to its strategic location, this housing project meets the housing demands of residents of Jhelum, Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, and Mirpur in AJ&K.

This project is being developed by Citi Developers, a leading firm in Pakistan for modern-day reality developers. 

The prominent group of developers known as Citi Developers has completed multiple successful projects throughout Pakistan, including in Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Jhelum, and Faisalabad. 

The business has always maintained its commitment to its clients and given them the highest quality products available. 

Citi Group offers a 3-year payment plan for Citi Housing Scheme Sarai Alamgir plots.

Apart from 36 monthly installments, yearly installments will also have to be paid. A payment of 25% is required at the time of booking a plot in Citi Housing Society.

Here are some glimpses of development standards in the Citi Housing Project across Pakistan:

Payment Plan

An investor or person planning to buy a property will always be concerned about the payment (file rates).

There are residential plots available in various sizes, including 5 Marlas, 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, and 1 Kanal, with a 3-year payment plan.

The instalment plan is pocket-friendly and focuses on middle-class families in particular.

CHK offers a payment plan to those who want a dream house or intend to invest in their project.

Pre-Launch (Residential Payment Schedule)

Here’s the residential payment plan of City Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir:

Pre-Launch (Residential Payment Schedule)

Here’s the commercial payment plan (aka file rates) of City Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir:

New Installment Plan (File Rates)

3 Marla Plot

  • Total Amount = 1,350,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 300,000 PKR
  • Monthly installments = 29,166 PKR

5 Marla Plot

  • Total Amount = 2,450,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 550,000 PKR
  • 12 Quarterly installments = 158,333 PKR

 7 Marla Plot

  • Total Amount = 3,250,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 750,000 PKR
  • 12 Quarterly installments = 208,333 PKR

10 Marla Plot

  • Total Amount = 4,450,000 PKR
  • Down Payment=850,000 PKR
  • 12 Quarterly installments=300,000 PKR

1 Kanal Plot

  • Total Amount = 8,450,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 1,400,000 PKR
  • 12 Quarterly installments = 587,500

Commercial Plots Pre-Launch Payment Plan 2022

Plot SizeTotal PriceAdvanceOn Possession12 Quarterly Installments
2.66,4,8 Marla Commercial Plots for Sale

Facilities & Amenities

  • 24/7 security
  • Carpet Roads
  • Community Center
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Education institute
  • Grand Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • Health Facilities
  • Secure Gated Community
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Underground electrification
  • Water, Gas, Electricity


Here are my final thoughts.

Citi Housing Kharian Sarai Alamgir is a state-of-the-art, modern housing development that provides a high level of luxury living for its residents. 

That said,

What sets the Citi Housing project apart from the rest of the housing ventures including the Airport Green Garden Housing Scheme and University Town (UT), Topcity-1 Islamabad?

The project offers its occupants modern homes situated on the main G.T. Road in Kharian, Pakistan.

The development has a range of services and amenities that intend to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants.

This project is still in the development phase. Now is the ideal moment to invest in it. 

Upon completion of this project, there will likely be a lot of interest from purchasers and investors.

To learn more about real estate investment opportunities in all major cities of Pakistan, stay connected to the ICONS blog – the premier property blog in Pakistan.

ICONS (Investment Consultants) highly recommend Citi Housing to invest in for the maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

FAQ (Citi Housing Kharian)

Is Citi Housing Kharian a good investment?

It is one of the best options to invest in as it offers a pocket-friendly payment plan and is affordable to middle-class buyers. In contrast to all the other societies, its pricing is reasonable and economical with modern amenities.

Who is the developer of Citi Housing Kharian?

Citi Housing Scheme Kharian is owned by Mr Malik Major Amir, son-in-law of Mr Malik Riaz, (Chairman of Bahria Town).

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