Airport Green Garden Price (Plot Rates)

Plot Rates (Prices) in Airport Green Garden

How much is it worth?

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Airport Green Garden Price

Airport Green Garden is a RDA-approved housing scheme situated on main Kashmir Highway (now Srinagar Highway) right next to Top City housing project.

It is well-planed and smart housing society near new International Islamabad Airport.

The plot rates in this scheme is growing as the time going on.

Let’s have a look over the historical prices in Airport Green Garden as below:


At the outset in 2018, Airport Green Garden price range of residential plot was as under:

Sr. No.Plot Size MarlaPrice
1.138 sq. yds5 Marla20 Lacs
2.200 sq. yds8 Marla28 Lacs
3.252 sq. yds10 Marla38 Lacs
4.500 sq. yds1 Kanal75 Lacs
Prices in Airport Green Garden Housing Project in 2018-2019

Back in 2020, prices revised by the management of Airport Green Garden. Residential Airport Green Garden Payment Plan was at the time when booking closed by the company.

Still the prices of plots are quite reasonable if I compare its prices to other private housing projects/societies in the vicinity.

A limited No of Plot on installment near new Islamabad Airport is available on the market to make an investment.


A potential buyer can fetch a desired size plot in Airport Green Garden. 10 Marla plot for sale in Airport Green Garden , 5 Marla plot for sale in Airport Green Garden and 1 Kanals plot for sale in Airport Green Garden as well as other sizes of plots are also available for sale on the market on prices given as under:

Sr. No.Plot Size Marla Min PriceMax Price
1.138 sq. yds5 Marla50 Lacs52 Lacs
2.200 sq. yds8 Marla60 Lacs62 Lacs
3.252 sq. yds10 Marla85 Lacs86 Lacs
4.500 sq. yds1 Kanal1.40 Crore1.45 Crore
updated on: 01-12-2021


Here is the current prices of plots being sold on the market. File for sale in Airport Green Garden to invest or buy to build a dream house.

5 Marla plot for sale in Islamabad on Installments is the minimum size and an affordable option in Airport Green Garden.

Sr. No.Plot Size MarlaLatest Price Range (Profit)
1.138 sq. yds5 Marla20 to 21 Lacs (4 Installment Paid)
2.200 sq. yds8 Marla22 Lacs to 23 Lacs (4 Installment Paid)
3.252 sq. yds10 Marla30 Lacs to 31 Lacs (4 Installment Paid)
4.500 sq. yds1 Kanal44 Lacs to 46 Lacs (4 Installment Paid)
Updated on:01-12-2021


In a nutshell, it is pertinent to mention here to give a plot a price is most important factor whether you are buying or selling.

A common question I get is:

What constitute a price of plot?

Thus, keeping in view the Airport Green garden plot price as compared to other schemes in surrounding is still cheaper.

Thus, ICONS (Investment Consultants) highly recommend to invest in Block C as its plot prices is down these days.

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