Airport Green Garden Map PDF: (Download Approved Map Free Now)

Airport Green Garden Map [Approved LOP] PDF

Updated (23-01-2023)

Want the AGG map in PDF (approved)?

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the RDA-approved AGG Housing project Map (aka Master Plan or Layout Plan) in a downloadable Acrobat Reader PDF format.

Are you ready?

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Are you looking to download the Airport Green Garden-approved Map?

Why? Because the Residential plot balloting of the Green Garden Society had been held and plot Nos allotted to registered members.

Map OF Airport Green Garden Islamabad

Here’s the approved AGG MAP [UPDATED] (aka Master Plan or Layout Plan) Islamabad:

Airport Green Garden Islamabad Map

Land Use Distribution Matrix

The approved Map of the Airport Green Garden (Layout Plan) distributed land for the best design and infrastructure.

Here’s the distribution of land used in the Airport Green Garden:

Land UsageArea in KanalPercentage
Public Building123.403.02%
Parking Open Space289.527.09%
Grave Yard82.072.01%
Distribution of Land Use



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Airport Green Garden Islamabad (Approved Map)

Below is the link to download the AGG updated map (NEW) updated and revised in (Acrobat Reader) PDF:

In a hurry, Save the AGG Map as a PDF (Free). Tired of scrolling, Download a PDF version for easier offline use and sharing with others. Click here to Download the AGG Map PDF


In summation,

The AGG-approved Map in PDF (aka Layout Plan or Master Plan) was approved over an area of 5008.10 Kanal of land by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

However, later on, the management of Airport Green Garden purchased (acquired) more land.
Now they have approximately 4086 Kanal of land in total.

As a result of the AGG residential plot ballot, the registered members (Residential) allotted plot Nos.

However, later on, the management of the AGG purchased (acquired) more land.

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Furthermore, AGG’s new map approved over an area of 5053 Kanals of land.

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