Airport Green Garden Balloting (What’s The Result?)

Airport Green Garden Balloting [Residential Plots]

[Updated on 01-02-2023]

In today’s new blog post from the ICONS blog, you’ll get the latest news on the Airport Green Garden ballot (Result List) held on 28-12-2021. Airport Green Society (aka AGG) is a Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA-NOC approved housing scheme, that covers the following:

So if you need to know about:

  • What will happen after Residential plot balloting?
  • Effects of balloting on residential plot prices in Airport Green Garden?
  • What is the procedure for Allotment issuance of AGG?
  • Where to get the Airport Green Garden plot balloting result list?

Then you will love this new updated post.

(Bottom Line: You’ll get an overall market overview of the Airport Green Garden housing project.)

Let’s dive in.

Great NEWS!

Another milestone achieved by Airport Green Garden Management.

At last, the AGG balloting [Residential] plot ceremony was held on 28-12-2021.

It was decided by the management of the housing scheme (aka AGG Society) or even some call it Airport Green Garden Society Islamabad in its meeting held at the Main Office located at Plot No.24, Ground Floor, Raja Haq Nawaz Plaza, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad balloting event of residential plots be held on time.

Here’s the original notice issued by the Airport Green Garden Housing Scheme Rawalpindi:

Balloting News

What is the procedure for Allotment issuance of Airport Green Garden?

Allotment Issuance Procedure/Policy

AGG balloting [residential plot] ceremony, Allotment Letters are being made and will be handed over to allottees in a month reliable sources informed.

Allocation Letters already issued to plot holders would be received back from allottees and then the Provisional Allotment Letter.

Venue of Airport Green Garden Balloting

Initially, it was decided to hold this ceremony at the site.


due to the expected heavy rain on 28-12-2021, the management of AGG has decided to change the venue of the residential plot balloting ceremony from the Airport Green Garden site to Aura Grand Even Complex E-11, Islamabad.



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Where to get the Airport Green Garden ballot list?

The Airport Green Garden residential plot balloting result list was displayed at the main entrance/gate of the main office in G-11 Markaz, Islamabad.

If you still don’t know/get plot No. let us know, we will help you in this regard.

Contact ICONS (Investment Consultants) for any query regarding the Airport Green Garden.

What effect does plot balloting leave on plot prices?

Before balloting, the plot prices were flat (the same) for a given size. It means plot prices were static according to the size of the plot.

However, after balloting prices of plots on the market are as per the location of the plot.

As a result, those who got plot No in Block A and Block B comparatively get a better price on the market whereas in Block C prices are lower because of the non-developed area of Airport Green Housing Society Islamabad.

Further, prices will also be increased.

Don’t want the hassle?

Let us handle everything for you!


In summary, the AGG balloting (Residential Plots) ceremony event was successful.

As a result, those who got a plot in Airport Green Garden Block A and Block B, especially where possession of the plots might be given a high price of plots.

Here’s the link to download the Airport Green Garden Map (approved).


prices of plots in Block C of AGG go down in terms of prices as it is a non-developed area of society.

However, I do believe that prices will rise in the days to come.

So I highly recommend you buy a plot if you want to build a dream house or make an investment.

To learn more about real estate investment opportunities in all major cities in Pakistan, stay connected to the ICONS blog – the best property blog in Pakistan.

Contact ICONS (Investment Consultants) for any query regarding the sale purchase of plots in Airport Green Garden.

We highly recommend investing in this housing project because I strongly believe that prices will rise in days to come as prices of properties in the Top City-1 Rawalpindi rise.

I hope you enjoyed our blog post about Airport Green Garden [residential plot] balloting.

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