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Rental Market Report | Sector G-15 F-15 Khayaban-e-Kashmir Islamabad


Rental Market Report (Sector F-15/G-15 Islamabad)

Quality of life in any given municipality is influenced by a number of interrelated issues, as Pakistanis, we value vibrant, inclusive communities where appropriate housing, education, and employment are accessible to all.


Easily accessible via the Kashmir Highway, Main G. T. Road  Approximately 60% is built-up; property is in reasonable demand. Overall there are very pressing demand for 200 sq. yds and 356 sq. yds houses for rent.

What is nearby:

Adjacent to Motorway.

Available utilities include:

Electricity, Sui Gas, sewerage, PTCL Telephones  and water Filter Treatment Plant.

Commercial Banks:

ABL, Meezan, JS Bank

Nearby amenities include:

Mosques, parks and schools.

Nearby recreational avenues include:

Physical Fitness Club in G-15 Markaz.

The ranges of house rent  (in rupees) in sector F-15 and G-15, Islamabad, are as follows:

Plot sizes                   Monthly rental ranges

(sq yds)                      Portions Rent (Rs.)                Houses Rent (Rs.)

200                               22,000-25,000                             45000-20,000

356                               30,000-40,000                            60,000-80,000

500                              50,000-55,000                             1,00,000-1,10,000

600                              55,000-60,000                             1,10,000-1,20,000

The ranges of Flats rent  (in rupees) in sector F-15 and G-15, Islamabad, are as follows:

Flat sizes  (Sq. Feet)        Floor                               Monthly rental Range (Rs.)         

670-700 (2BHK)                     1st or 2nd                        14,000-28,000

670-700 (2BHK)                     3rd or 4th                        12,000-16,000

800-950 (3BHK)                    1st or 2nd                        22,000-25,000

800-950 (3BHK)                   3rd or 4th                        18,000-20,000



BHK denotes: BED + Hall + Kitchen